► Lumina 150

High power and high efficiency white light, with the latest high-power LED design. Quiet and efficient cooling design, offers the latest lighting source option. Ergonomic hexagonal shape allows interlocking of multiple devices with sufficient and uniform heat dissipation, mechanical strength and optical sealing.


  • High-power 150W continuous white light illumination (color temperature optional)
  • Hexagonal shape designed for easy interlocking and synchronization of multiple devices
  • Low-energy, high-efficiency cold light source (efficiency higher by factor 10 than normal light source)
  • Integrated optical design
  • Chassis made with high strength aluminum alloy
  • Support for external analog signal brightness adjustment or TTL switch


Power Requirements: 4.1A, 36VDC
Main Wavelength: 572nm
Colour Temperature: 5170K
Luminous Flux: 12000 фv/lm
Luminous Efficacy: >80.0 lm/W
Luminous Power: 30610
Power Source: 1A, 220V
Mechanical Dimensions: 120×88×88mm (L×W×H)
Power Interface: Raymond plug 12mm
Operating Environment: -20°C to 30°C,Humidity < 80%

Photometric Data: