► News: APS Installs Antidrone System at Stavanger Airport
APS has finished first phase of Ctrl+Sky system installation at the SOLA airport in Stavanger, Norway. Ctrl+Sky 3D radars, mounted on a mast will monitor the airspace for drones and birds, while Ctrl+Sky CyView software will automatically inform airports personel of any intrusions of unwanted flying objects.

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► ctrl+sky Antidrone Systems

Unique drone detection and neutralization system:

  • The four-sensor - low power radars, acoustic array, vision cameras and RF sensor, all developed by APS and seamlessly integrated in ctrl+sky system, maximize detection likelihood and minimize false alarm rates, in all weather and terrain conditions
  • Thanks to the modular design, the system is easy to configure and adapt to specific deployment conditions
  • Applying proprietary commercial technologies allows to reduce costs to the level unattainable by few competing systems based on military technologies
  • Detection unit is complemented by neutralization unit - directive or omni-directional jammers and RF inhibitor

How It Operates:

Stationary Components

Mobile Components

Radar Components

Acoustic Sensor Components

RF Sensor Components

Dual Acoustic/RF Sensor Components


Dedicated, web-based application with an intuitive and user friendly interface allowing to provide authorized access for a defined users group from a PC, laptop or a tablet.
  • Monitoring a defined airspace
  • Definition of protected area
  • Easy deployment of many sensors
  • Integration of radar, acoustic, vision and RF sensors
  • Visualizing the scene on user maps or Google maps
  • Indication of drone direction, height and speed
  • Tracking many targets to detect drone swarms
  • Archiving incidents data
  • SMS, email and system alerts
  • Easy integration interface to common security systems
  • Integrated with jammer and RF hacking system


The jammer is fully integrated with the detection systems, it turns on automatically when the Ctrl+Sky detects a drone inside the protected zone

Operating range of the jammer fully covers the drone detectionrange of the Ctrl+Sky system

The jammer can be equipped with directional, sectorial or omnidirectional antennas, depending on the operational requirements

The jammer operates in the following bands:

• All currently functional global navigation satellite systems (GNSS): GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, in all operating bands: L1, L2, L5; 10 W jamming power

• 2.4 GHz radio communication, 10 W jamming power

• 5.8 GHz radio communication, 4 W jamming power

Degree of protection – IP66

Communication – Ethernet